• Choose the subject and grade span you have interest in viewing. All STEAM project-based programs are personalized. Many student components are available in Spanish.
Prekindergarten Programs
  • Click here to see STEAM Themes and Live and Learn innovative STEAM programs

English Language Arts and Reading

Use real-life scenarios in our STEAM programs to help students understand that they need and use English every day


STEAM projects help students learn by doing. Research shows STEAM helps ALL students learn best.


Project based learning is normal for scientists, but learning science using the arts…..it really works.

Career & Technical Education (CTE)
  • PLPS, Law I & II, Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation programs

Criminal Justice Programs

TPS has created Criminal Justice Programs from middle school to college…PLPS, Law I and II, Criminal Investigations and Forensic Science to die for!


STEAM projects, exactly aligned to many States standards, or to National requirements are fun and effective


Visual and tactile STEAM projects, written and or verbal by standard by skill practice, and an interactive software tool for across subjects and grades