STEAM is the acronym (Science, Technology, ELA, Arts and Mathematics).

Not just a textbook, a teacher's toolbox!

The TPS and partner Mathematics, Science and Forensic Science programs, adopted across many States, (CA, TX, FL, NC, GA) really provide project based learning at its best. Better still, our teacher/parent writers really care and provide continual P.D. for teachers, workshops for parents and exciting content for all students; the lessons are inclusive.

Whether your teachers have a by subject credential, or your students are far below grade through to advanced, they can learn at their own speed, using the materials in the TPS toolbox.

We do provide kits to complete the projects, but of course you can choose to use your own materials. The projects, written by CeMaST professors, use low cost affordable material. Your students will build their own models from scratch and in doing so learn the key concepts of the core curricula.

Grades TK-Grade 12 are covered. TPS write to exactly align to State Standards and has developed a program for Common Core Mathematics and NGSS. The NGSS build is continually being updated and TPS is working with many pilot sites to ensure the final program is exactly what teachers, parents and students need.

The TK program has been built to ensure that children arriving in Grade K have the knowledge and skills they need to be at and or advanced grade level in Grade Kindergarten.

We have created a series of activity reader books to span TK-Grade 2 to help students who have already arrived in Grades K and 1 without those skills to quickly attain at grade for mathematics, science and ELA.

TPS has K-8 Creative curricula adopted programs for mathematics and science.

There is a recipe of STEM + Traditional + Arts to deliver content and TPS provides both traditional practice and hundreds of additional STEAM projects so that review and home learning can be exciting.

TPS has the only adopted Forensic Science program in Texas, and a large customer database across other States.

This really is a program to die for! It has hands on activities, over 100 crime scenes and we have middle and high school levels. If you have a child or student who thinks they cannot do geometry, set up the blood spatter project and you will soon resolve that negative thinking.

The STEAM programs provide you with the tools, in one program, to cover the majority of the content required for Mathematics and Science in the adoption States: California, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas.

The program also provides plenty of materials for Afterschool and Summer school programs.

Our arts projects have been created in conjunction with Action Based Curriculum, an approved nasen provider of special education students and Ellison, the wonderful die cut provider from California.

Practice materials do still include study materials but we also offer over 200 further STEAM projects so that home learning or school practice can be achieved using alternative materials.

Assessment can be achieved using the projects but also via our online assessment generator, home study interactive system and our focus tutorial.

For all parents we sell individual books, and we run workshops to enable you to help your children at home. We have also created new test preparation materials by domain and by grade for Common Core Mathematics.

Professional development courses are available for all schools together with a 24 hour helpline for support.

Contact us for further information and pricing by e-mailing our Business Development Director, Andrew Norris:


Telephone: 866 417 9384

Fax: 800 578 5191

He is happy to set up and run an introductory webinar for you.

Please give your students the excitement of career targeted inquiry and project based learning.