Spanish Components

TPS has created Spanish versions of their K-5 National and California State Adopted STEAM Mathematics Program. K-8.

Whatever program you are using for math, you can buy our program or any component from it, and link it with ease.

Content is exactly aligned, by domain, by standard for each grade. Enjoy the traditional, STEM and Arts projects.

Students can study math through art and or building collaborative projects.

Real-life reader activity books are also available. For example, Amelia Rose.


For NGSS, you may want to view the Spanish versions of the TPS NGSS STEM Project Guides, K-8, which can be used with any science program you are currently using.

Each project covers multiple performance expectations and are great for conceptual learning.

All learning starts in each area of science with a STEM project. TPS partner with CeMaST, Illinois State University, a leading STEM university. CeMaST professors have been developing this type of instructional material for over 25 years. Traditional teachers may have initial concerns about the transition from prior Science standards and delivery of a STEAM program. TPS provide personalized support and pacing together with personalized materials kits. TPS asks that you be open to new pedagogy.