TPS Inc has been created and is owned predominantly by experienced teachers, specifically to improve the success of each student.

We believe that a strong partnership of Teacher, Parent/Guardian and Student, is key to obtaining the best results. We believe that the core subjects curriculum, instruction, and assessment must be aligned to state standards in order to ensure that success. People learn by doing.

If we are interested, we want to learn. STEAM projects provide cross curricula, hands-on, visual and tactile experiences.

Research shows that STEAM project-based learning focused on real-life scenarios, engages students; they understand why the subject content is important, and project work is fun.

We believe that a key factor in obtaining the very best results in each subject is to help students master the content and skills expressed in national and state standards and assessed on their exams. Thus, we have focused upon the material students are expected to know and be able to do for their examination. We have also made the books fun and user friendly.

Our partners are expert in their field;


  • CeMaST, Illinois State University (STEM Projects) –

The mission of CeMaST is to stimulate, conduct and support integrative science, technology, engineering and mathematics education activities. CeMaST has been building a national reputation for developing and supporting highly successful STEM activities and education.


  • Action Based Curriculum (Art projects; nasen approved) –

AB Curriculum has a vision to provide access to education for all students, for them to really enjoy learning and to become life long learners. AB Curriculum help students to access learning through their fun, action based, and fully inclusive crafting and reader activity book materials.


  • Ellison-

Ellison Educational Equipment is the pioneer and global market leader of die cutting products. Ellison take pride in delivering best of class, high quality products to meet the ever-changing demands of both the educational and arts industry.


  • Dr. Ron Smith -and Kathy Turco- Alaska

Professor Ron Smith created ‘Alaska’ providing students across the States with a detailed insight to his home State. Students compare information about Alaska to their home State, and others, to understand how diverse ecosystems exist. The activities are a mixture of indoor and outdoor explorations and include research, arts, investigations and worksheets. Students are studying key TEKS content by using their Science, Mathematics and ELAR skills. A novel included in this suite is a particularly powerful book about Navajos, Latinos and two white American boys, and allows students to use and apply newly gained ELAR skills.


Kathy Turco worked with her team tirelessly to create Spirit Of The Arctic DVD and CD – the set is available in four languages and provides wonderful access to cross curricula content about Alaska plants, animals and landforms and then, using place-based evidence students compare Texas information to that viewed in Alaska. Key words are translated into Athabascan.


  • Didax – our wonderful manipulatives partner -dedicated to providing innovative and effective learning resources, such as manipulatives, to students, teachers and parents


  • Really Good Stuff – useful for below grade, and far below grade students, and include family engagement components, which are available in English and many in Spanish. Archway is a phonics program included for all ages and helps students to learn to read, speak and write English.


  • Nest Family- At relevant points in the instruction you will see a note to use these wonderful cartoons which follow the life and works of famous people such as U.S.A. Presidents, Marie Curie, the Wright brothers. These are optional activities but are excellent in assisting below grade students to master comprehension of ELAR content, and extending knowledge for gifted and advanced students. This also provides social sciences content.


  • Digital Frog – is a PC or MAC based, virtual frog dissection. This exciting product allows pupils to experience the learning benefits of dissection without the need for scalpels or frogs.


  • TEAM Up- We provide ‘TEAM UP’ being a board game exactly aligned to Texas TEKS math and ELAR content requirements. Students have to read, discuss and collaborate to solve math questions for below, and far below, grade students.

We provide teacher, parent and student materials. Kits are personalized to suit your needs, both space and budgetary.


Collaboration is key and the DAPIC process is used. Students design, assess, plan, implement and communicate. Teachers and parents are facilitators.


The teacher editions are full of details and instructions to assist in the teaching of the subject along with all of the answers for tests which are by grade, standard and skill level, which we set for the students. Both the Teacher and Student editions provide fun and informative examples to enable the student’s continuous activities to aid in their learning. Parent information ensures they can work together with their child(ren) at home.

The cost of our books has been kept low, however we have not reduced the high level of quality we demand of our writers, editors, and graphic designers. Our products provide materials using colorful graphics to engage each student’s mind. Many programs are State adopted.

TPS has created Spanish versions for most State adopted student materials.

We are confident that you will find our products useful and are confident you will enjoy them. TPS provide a toll-free support number to assist teachers throughout the school year.

TPS extends this support to all home school families.

We are always looking for others to help us in our aims, and if you would like to work with TPS then please contact us on