Customer Services

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Tel 866 417 9384


If you would like more information about the products produced by ourselves or any of our partners please contact us using the following email address:


To place an order please contact:


For support please contact:

Shipping and Returns

TPS set pricing at very affordable levels and it is therefore important to validate the products you order are exactly what you need. TPS will only accept returns for goods that arrive in a damaged state. TPS will require a photograph of the damage, a copy of the delivery note, and for this information to be sent by email to within 48 hours of delivery of goods.

Professional Development

TPS provide ongoing telephone support via a toll free number 866 417 9384. We pride ourselves on responding to our customers within 48 hours.

It is a 24 hour helpline and you can leave a message and one of our educators will call or email you and resolve any problems.

If you wish to have a webinar to be stepped through any product information or receive training for digital tools, this is also available throughout the school year.

TPS can provide site professional development which is chargeable, other than for summer training for new customers buying full programs for a school.

Pricing is available upon request. Please contact

Digital Access Trial

To book a webinar for digital access training and or temporary access codes to all and any programs email

You will need to use a school email address, state the school name and address and explain the products you have interest in; subject, grade level(s) and targeted outcomes. TPS will provide a 30 day digital access key to allow a team to view content so we will also need the number of users wishing to review the content.

Personalized Kit Orders

TPS want to provide flexibility for teachers and parents. Whether you need materials for a large school district, one classroom which may have multiple grades, or one set of materials for one child at home, TPS build personalized kits for you. We send you a checklist for the program you are implementing, you check mark what you need and the quantity, and TPS do the rest.