Summer or After School Courses

TPS Publishing Inc. and partners have developed numerous short course and summer appropriate programs. Below you can read a bit more about what we have on offer such as the 20 week Forensic Science Club or our STEAM projects, which include activities such as the Electric Motor Vehicle/Engineering project that sees students work together to actually build a working vehicle.

STEM activities

CeMaST, in partnership with TPS Publishing Inc., offer fantastic STEM projects, which take Science and Math instruction to a whole new level. Students learn curriculum content by using Science and Mathematics in fun projects. They design and build a variety of devices and use science to explore, describe, and predict their operation. Each project within our STEM guides, although written to be included in a full curriculum of teaching, are stand-alone. Teachers can pick and choose activities and projects to work on over a couple of sessions, or develop a short course or interactive summer program of their own.

STEAM activities

TPS provide reader activity books containing STEAM projects aligned to specific State and or National requirements.

Amelia Rose K-8 – Amelia and her family investigate the world around them. Includes investigation, multiple creative strategies such as think and draw, ‘let’s talk’ and ending with a crafting project. Key vocabulary is studied. A cross curricula STEAM program.

Lewis Family K-5 – A STEAM program focused on collaborative projects aligned to specific State and or NGSS requirements. Many projects focused on scientific investigation and review of key vocabulary.

Hedy and Andre K-5 – STEM project readers exactly aligned to the STEAM Mathematics program.

TPS has many more personal, social and health topic reader activity books. Click here for a full list

Personal, Social and Health After School Club:

Wonderful resources are provided for arts cross curricular projects by Action Based Curriculum. The topics are all science related for example; humans and other animals, wild animals, life processes, down on the farm. All topics include a wide range of personal, social and health education discussion points or activities. Students will learn that these social elements are an extremely important part of their education.

Math Through Art and Science Through Art:

Action Based Curriculum is a British company who has focused its energy on providing excellent materials, which are approved by ‘nasen’ – nationally approved for all learners, including those with disabilities, ELL and special education needs. Action Based Curriculum helps students to access learning through their fun action based, and fully inclusive crafting and reader activity book materials.

Curriculum topics are addressed using a combination of Mathematics, Literacy and Science inquiry based projects with crafting equipment and reader books. The teacher/writers have created linked personal, social and health education (PSHE) topics to assist teachers in an integrated subject delivery saving much time. Key topics such as Anti-bullying, Family, Healthy Me, Community, and Going Green can be found within the program. Twenty four topics are included.

A die cutting machine is used to allow all students to cut perfect shapes and each student creates a personalized output.

Forensic Science

Our Forensic Science, although written as a comprehensive full year course, each unit is written independently of others, allowing the teacher to pick and choose which unit to teach whenever they wish. Equally, within each unit, there are many activities independent of one another, so the teacher can ‘cherry pick’ units or activities to design a shorter course for a semester, summer school or after school program as needed.

Within our Forensic Science program, we also have a full collection of 100 Do Nows. The Do Nows give students the opportunity to engage in scientific inquiry and use their developing knowledge of science content in crime situations. These Do Nows are ideal as homework assignments, assessments, class introductions, and short course activities.

We also have the Forensic Science Club, which is an inspiring booklet designed to engage a group of high school Forensic Science students to plan and deliver a crime scene science event to a local community or school venue. This is a guide for 20 weekly one hour Forensic Club that is an exciting project for everyone involved. It covers Forensic Science techniques, organizing skills, team work, and presentation skills and can be a valuable part of community service. Using Forensic Science Club, students will be able to confirm their understanding of the topic and to work toward their target of high school community reach out hours.

To read more about our Forensic Science offerings please follow this link.

Other summer program or short course offerings

TPS Publishing Inc., believe that continued and fully inclusive learning is integral to a student’s development. This is why, along with our partner AB Curriculum, we have developed a range of summer program topics and resources.

Recycled Science:

The author is a teacher who wants science to be taught using only materials from a recycling bin as a project within which students can really comprehend natural resources and reusability. Teaching or reteaching scientific concepts using 99% recyclable materials straight from your recycling box!

Critical Thinking in Science:

This is a valuable review resource for all students. It reviews most key topics of K-8 learning in two volumes. The program is literacy based and is inclusive. The author, an elementary school district science coordinator, wants science and literacy to be taught to ensure that students learn science language.

Use these exercises to have students practise their science vocabulary. Each exercise can be used as a homework assignment, review or in preparation for exams. Students will write their answers to common exam questions, and then read an ideal answer. Students will be able to identify where they can improve their writing and general understanding before exam time.

If you would like any further information regarding our summer program and short course resources, please do not hesitate to get in touch. All contact information can be found on our Contact Us page. We are also always more than happy to help to provide professional development and to aid in the designing of a course to meet your specific needs.

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