English Language Arts and Reading

Kindergarten - Grade 8

TPS Publishing Inc. and Partners present:

Our two programs provide project-based learning lesson plans to fully cover the content of the ELAR Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and, following scope and sequence requirements. The content has been written, from scratch, to exactly align to the TEKS and lessons are inclusive and provide real-life applications that are inclusive and suitable for all students from all demographic groups.

TPS has submitted two ELAR programs. We wanted to provide options to school districts. The Creative ELAR program uses a more gentle, traditional approach to learning, whereas the STEAM into ELAR program includes a higher percentage of STEAM projects.

TPS have included already adopted math and science led STEAM projects so that all three core subjects can be studied simultaneously.
To accompany these projects and to further develop ELAR learning and application, TPS created ELAR activities linked to the math and science projects, including ELAR written, verbal, visual and tactile assessments.

Students review core subject content simultaneously. 

Creative English Language Arts and Reading – Kindergarten to Grade 8

STEAM into English Language Arts and Reading – Kindergarten to Grade 8

Each program has a teacher edition, and matching student edition with cross referenced pages together with a consumable student workbook with write on pages.
Digital access to a host of online assessment is provided and TPS provide visual and tactile assessments, by grade and online interactive and printed tests, by student skill level, by grade.

TPS provide ongoing support throughout the school year with a 24 hour helpline.

Pricing is very affordable, and we hope you will contact us for further information and/or use the digital links to see our content.

All Grades Passed at 100%