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The Creative Core Curriculum in Mathematics with STEM, Literacy and Arts was developed to provide a curriculum that would promote experientially based, hands-on learning for students.
It gives teachers an alternative to traditional teaching approaches that primarily rely on teacher-directed strategies in which students are passive learners and that typically assess students learning by how well they can recall specific facts or robotically demonstrate specific skills. The Creative Core Curriculum engages students in their learning and assesses attainment by evaluating how well they can apply the concepts and skills they develop to new situations. Content is arranged either in by grade, by domain, COMBINED books containing STEM, Traditional, Arts, Amelia Rose, and assessments, or can be purchased by individual books as successfully presented for State adoption in California. To ease your review the books in the store are provided in both formats. This area is showing individual STEM, Traditional and Arts books, K-8, and K-5 student books are available in Spanish text.
The Creative Core Curriculum consists of a series of activities that address Common Core Content in Mathematics. Each activity within the STEM Project Guide for each grade is carefully designed to allow students the opportunity to experience how the Common Core is utilized to solve science, technology, and engineering (STEM) challenges. Although this text is primarily focused on mathematics content, it is often delivered in a science, engineering, or technological (STEM) context. This curriculum places a strong emphasis on problem solving, uses the learning cycle approach to assure that students are actively engaged in the learning process and makes frequent use of student group work. Traditional lesson plans, including focus on teaching literacy with numeracy, arts projects, reader book activities and assessments are all within the printed texts. Online assessment, reteach and advanced library content provide additional projects to use within school, or for after school or summer programs. The 'Creative Core Curriculum for Mathematics STEAM' program is built with the intent to enhance the Mathematics learning and teaching in schools. By aligning to the requirements of the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium and PARCC we enable teachers and parents to assist students in the application of Mathematic content, and the preparation for and passing of tests.
The program has been built through a collaborative effort of partner companies, each of which have expertise in Mathematics instructional design. All companies share a commitment to inquiry and activity-based instruction. The diversity of the writers and their perspectives ensures that the material is inclusive. Please ensure you review the description for each component as you review this program.

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The teacher and student textbooks provide the building blocks of our program and we provide a Teacher and Student Edition for each grade. At the beginning of every lesson plan within the Traditional Textbook a section is entitled What students should know already. This section is further split into concepts and skills, and refers to work earlier in the grade and in previous grades.
Teacher tips within the Traditional Textbook also refer to previous learning and point teachers toward misconceptions which may have been carried forward.
The Universal Access guide in K-3 helps teachers with classes of varying ability to focus on key concepts without dividing students.
Professional development can help make the connections between grades. The traditional textbook provides a wealth of student exercises which focus on the core functions. Extensions are provided for advanced students and guidance is provided for SEN students drawing attention to the key concepts with which they need to engage.
Manipulatives are used to demonstrate the concepts. For K-2 a set of conceptual understanding activities using manipulatives is provided. The lesson plans in the textbooks are mainly activity based and are underpinned with a strategy of teaching literacy with numeracy. Please review the matching components of the program for the grade(s) you are reviewing:
Practice workbooks provide further opportunities for students to repeat activities and memorize the content.
The assessment database can quickly generate quizzes or homework from thousands of questions and we provide proposed benchmark tests for the start and end of year. AVIMBA offer a web based, secure and personalized school messaging/storage system.
STEM projects put mathematics into a different context. For example, in Grade K students become Helicopter pilots to learn numbers 0-20, in Grade 4 Stomp the Math fractions are addressed with music and animation. To complete the project, calculations must be made quickly and accurately as part of the animation.
When completing STEAM activities, quick calculations are again needed but in a different context. Decisions on how many shapes need to be cut with the die machine or what fraction of the paper must be folded are made instantly.


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