STEM Activity Readerbook – The Lewis Family Investigates – Grade Kindergarten


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Read Aloud Activity Book Series for K-5 NGSS Science built to provide a literacy, math, technology, and engineering linked project for each performance standard. The author has created The Lewis Family where four brothers, and their sister and parents complete everyday activities that include science investigations, engineering tasks, literacy, math and technology assignments and a focus on science language. Read aloud the stories and have students work in collaborative groups to complete the project work and see how the Literacy, Math and English skills improve.


Softback Color


California, National

STEAM Program

> Science, > STEAM Reader Activity Books, > Next Generation Science Standards – Integrated Level 1 (STEAM into NGSS), > Next Generation Science Standards – Integrated Level 2 (STEAM Exploration), > Next Generation Science Standards – Topical (Creative Science Curriculum)


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Elementary, Grade Kindergarten