STEAM into Science – Kindergarten – Grade 8 STEAM Activity Guide


  • The STEAM into Science Project Edition is unique. It consists of a series of learning cycles and readings specifically designed to teach all of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Science. Each learning cycle guides the student through a series of activities leading to conceptual understanding, not just memorization of facts. Concepts are taught through the activities, not just practiced or applied through supplemental projects.
    Although conducting activities can take longer than traditional pedagogy, it is actually a more efficient use of time since students are better able to comprehend and remember science concepts.

TPS Publishing Inc. and partners have constructed the ‘STEAM INTO SCIENCE’ program with the intent to enhance the science learning and teaching in schools in your state.
Through adhering to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills student expectations and break outs for science, the program presents science as a way of thinking and learning, incorporating literacy skills necessary for academic success in acquiring Science as an academic language. TPS content is underpinned with a strategy of teaching science with literacy, and focus was given to ensuring all English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) were met.
Teachers can get more detailed information about the program by reading the Teacher Program Guide covering the grades being taught.
The program has been built through a collaborative effort by several companies, each of which have expertise in science instructional design. They share a commitment to activity-based instruction. The diversity of writers and perspectives ensures that the material is inclusive.


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