STEAM into Science – Kindergarten – Grade 8 Textbooks


  • Lesson plan – activity-based lesson plans exactly aligned to each TEKS
  • Expository Texts, Investigations, Performance Tasks and multiple Assessments, which include science makers for visual and tactile review, together with verbal and written by TEKS and by skill level content. Safety and Investigation Reasoning content is also included.
  • In each of the K-8 Grade textbooks teachers and students will have access to a Tools and Scientists lesson plan. Students will be able to recognize, name and describe the structure and function of the tools to be used in their current grade. Students will maintain a classroom word wall for tools.
  • Using the Scientists lesson plan, students will be able to recognize how science and innovation can help society, and learn about the scientists who have contributed in the science content for their current grade. Students will maintain a classroom word wall for scientists which can be used throughout the term. In addition, there is an online library containing facts about many diverse scientists and mathematicians.
  • Science is a Verb inquiry-based laboratories/investigations written to introduce many science topics so that students and teachers see the science happen before using textbooks. Misconceptions are highlighted so they are not passed on to students. The textbook content ends with a Scientific and Engineering Project section where students can practice and apply their knowledge and skills. Students act as scientists/engineers and adhere to the Engineering Design Process.

TPS Publishing Inc. and partners have constructed the ‘STEAM INTO SCIENCE’ program with the intent to enhance the science learning and teaching in schools in your state.
Through adhering to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills student expectations and break outs for science, the program presents science as a way of thinking and learning, incorporating literacy skills necessary for academic success in acquiring Science as an academic language. TPS content is underpinned with a strategy of teaching science with literacy, and focus was given to ensuring all English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) were met.
Teachers can get more detailed information about the program by reading the Teacher Program Guide covering the grades being taught.
The program has been built through a collaborative effort by several companies, each of which have expertise in science instructional design. They share a commitment to activity-based instruction. The diversity of writers and perspectives ensures that the material is inclusive.


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