STEAM Into NGSS Student Edition – Grade Kindergarten Segment 3


Our STEAM into NGSS program is built using the Preferred Integrated Model.
The idea behind the Preferred Integrated Model is to merge and connect science disciplines to develop progression throughout the years of learning. For this program, each grade has been split into four segments of learning. Each segment contains a number of performance expectations (and their associated DCIs, SEPs and CCCs) which lend themselves to the phenomenon of the segment. Students learn best by doing and there is great depth in content delivery and by using a STEAM approach for NGSS, each student will have cross curricula skills improvement. Each grade includes teacher and student textbooks, including STEM, Arts, Traditional, Natural Sciences, Word Wall and Reader book activity projects. The content is aligned to real-life experiences that student's recognize. Visual and tactile assessments appear in all components and web-based by DCI/SEP/CCC open ended and multiple choice questions are available in online assessment and printable tools. Please read the description below to understand what this component offers within the program.

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The student textbook contains cross curricula activities for the named segment and includes STEM projects and vignettes, Science is A Verb labs for conceptual learning, traditional expository text, Arts projects aligned to the arts standards and NGSS, Natural science outdoor and reader book activities, together with word wall, science maker and tiered assessments with rubrics, all aligned to the NGSS. The program has been built to meet the five E's within each component. Plenty of white space and appealing graphics appear. STEM projects, built by professors at CeMaST, ISU, follow the DAPIC process. Students lead and they design, assess, plan, implement and communicate within small groups. The teacher or parent is a facilitator. Focus questions appear in the Science is a Verb lab section and seeing is believing…and understanding. The expository text section, 'The Science' clearly explains content and provides key vocabulary and additional focus questions. Arts and reader book projects provide visual and tactile assessment and the science maker and assessment tool questions provide by DCI/SEP/CCC analysis for teachers and parents to pinpoint and resolve misconceptions. STEAM into NGSS is built to ensure that all students use critical thinking, problem solve and connect content across science disciplines. Students work with content aligned to their own lives and include both mathematics and English Language Arts that are appropriate to the science they will learn. Using our STEAM program we can ensure the NGSS requirements are covered and provide high quality science learning for all students; our lesson plans are inclusive.
The NGSS requirements, across grades, ensures introduction of concepts and content and then builds upon each grade's content; skills are improved and student understanding is expanded. There is great depth in content delivery and by using a STEAM approach for NGSS each child will have cross curricula skills improvement.


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