Shark Tagging


TPS has created this K-12 Project so that teachers, parents and students can work together across grades and study these wonderful animals.

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The book Shark Tagging offers the classroom teacher a number of key benefits:
The book helps to dispel the stereotype that science is for males only. The marine biologist and the shark wrangler are both females.
The book shows that interaction with sharks underwater by professionals is not as dangerous as some movies would have us believe.
The book's close-up photography allows students to clearly see the physiology of a shark; especially, the teeth, the nostrils, the nictitating membrane over the eye, the Ampullae of Lorenzini and the lateral line.
The book carefully sequences the procedure for tagging a shark underwater from luring the shark in close, to tagging the shark, to observing the tagged shark in its habitat.


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