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The IMaST (Integrated Mathematics, Science, and Technology) program was developed to provide an integrated curriculum that would promote experientially based, hands-on learning for students and teaming among teachers from three or more disciplines. It gives teachers an alternative to separate, traditional mathematics, science, and technology courses. IMaST strives to get away from the traditional teaching approaches that primarily rely on teacher-directed strategies in which students are passive learners and that typically assess students' learning by how well they can recall specific facts or robotically demonstrate specific skills rather than how well they can apply the concepts and skills they develop to new situations. The IMaST curriculum is built on major themes. These themes provide a context for the content. Science concepts are learned through their applications. For example, the properties of polymers are addressed through their application in a manufacturing context.
From the outset, the IMaST materials were developed in response to the latest research in teaching/learning as well as to systemic reform initiatives calling for new curricula. This resulted in the design of an integrated curriculum that places a strong emphasis on problem solving, uses the learning cycle approach to assure that students are actively engaged in the learning process, makes frequent use of student group work, and includes authentic assessment strategies. Please ensure, for each title, that you read the description at the bottom of the screen as it provides information about the specific book. You can purchase the whole program or one of any title to suit your needs.

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Shaping our World Student Edition students will complete activities that relate to geometry, adaptation, and transportation in order to explore how we interact with our world and understand more about it.


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