Real Numbers Student Edition


Real Numbers Pathways to Common Core Mathematics, Algebra I & Mathematics I

Welcome to Real Numbers: Pathways to Common Core Mathematics, a curriculum that provides unique and engaging mathematics learning experiences in Algebra and Geometry. Using mathematical modeling, students will learn math concepts through authentic, real-world applications.
At the beginning of each unit in this book, you will see a big-picture context for those applications anchored in U.S. Department of Education Career Clusters and Pathways (www.careerclusters.org). Each unit is also aligned with Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (www.corestandards.org). These units were created by mathematics educators based on visits to businesses in the community during which they explored ways in which mathematics is used in the real world.
The eight chapters of Real Numbers comprise the entirety of the content recommended by the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics for both the Algebra I and the Mathematics I courses. Chapters 1 through 4 are common to both courses. Chapters 5 and 6 are recommended for the Algebra I course only. Chapters 7 and 8 are recommended for the Mathematics I course only.
It should be noted that Real Numbers does not simply use the context provided by the Career Custer as the basis of a series of story problems. Instead, this curriculum teaches the content through its application. For example, students learn how to calculate ratios by being given the problem of mixing fertilizer for a golf course. This educational process is made possible through the use of Learning Cycles.


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