Muscle Kart – STEM Project


The purpose of this K-8 multi-grade level activity is to introduce students and primarily teachers to interdisciplinary STEM Education using the Muscle Kart as a cross curricular assessment. Throughout this event teachers will observe and interact with students as they work to build a push cart as a team.

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A team of 5-8 students will work together to construct a muscle kart that is a replica of the racecars used in the early years of the Indy 500 (1911-1930). A chassis with all working components will be preassembled for teams. The job of students is to construct the body of the car using the provided materials. The teams will then select a driver and runners, gather preliminary data to optimize their racing strategy, and then compete with other teams for the fastest car of the day. Students will also complete grade level appropriate assessment worksheets that correspond to the day’s project.


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