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TPS Publishing Inc. and partners have constructed the 'Creative Mathematics Curriculum with STEM, Literacy and Arts' program with the intent to enhance the Mathematics learning and teaching in schools in your state. Through adhering to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills break outs for Mathematics, the program presents Mathematics as a way of thinking and learning, incorporating literacy skills necessary for academic success in acquiring Mathematics as an academic language. The program has been built through a collaborative effort by several companies, each of which have expertise in Mathematics instructional design. They share a commitment to activity-based instruction. The diversity of writers and their perspectives ensures that the material is fully inclusive.

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Exciting thematic reader books have been written appropriate for each grade reading ability. In Grade 3 the writers have created a fictional family. Each chapter covers a personal, social or health education topic. Each chapter is linked to a likely family event. Educational paper craft packs are linked to each chapter. The craft packs act as visual assessment tools. Each book adds to the literacy element of the program engaging students with fun stories. For lower grades the students may read or be read to. Colorful graphics illustrate the books. Within each book are further exercises and links to other PSHE resources.


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