Learn by Doing STEAM Activity Reader Book Grade 1 – Mystery


TPS Publishing Inc, and partners have created the ‘STEAM Reader Activity Books,’ to teach science concepts through creative and fun stories relevant to the daily lives of students, while at the same time providing opportunities to teach technology, engineering, arts and math. Using the STEAM approach, science is encountered in an integrated fashion, linked to technology, engineering, arts and math, more relevant to the everyday lives of students.

The STEAM Reader Activity Books can be used as an important introduction to familiarize the students with the science concepts and language before they are taught in a more traditional context. The books can also be used as an important tool to provide a review of the science concepts and language after the curriculum has been taught. They can also be used to help engage students who require extra help understanding the science concepts. The books also provide an opportunity to review key math and English review.

The science concepts taught in the books are directly linked to the Texas Essential Knowledge and skills break outs.

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Within this STEAM Reader Activity Book, the students of First Grade at Sunny Street Elementary School continue their journey with our readers. The following describes key content areas in the book and is meant as a general summary as is not comprehensive of content.


In first grade our readers will follow the class as they learn about the different forms of matter and their physical properties as they prepare for Mee’s birthday party. They will learn how physical changes in matter can be reversible for example through the melting and refreezing of a ice pop and how sometimes the changes can be permanent for example with Spot the Firedog’s unfortunate footprints in concrete.

When Louis’s scarf is blown away our readers will follow the class as they learn about energy and force and see it in action as they discover the invisible magnetic force that mysteriously shuts the treehouse door. They will learn about the many different forms of energy as the class goes on a field trip by train to the Transport Museum where they meet an astronaut and see the Space Shuttle.

Our readers will follow the class as they record the weather and discover where the rain goes when they learn about the water cycle. They will read about the class vegetable garden and the composition of soil and structure of plants that they grow. Finally, they will read about a fallen bird rescued by the class and through this the needs of living things and their dependance on the non-living world around them. Finally, they will learn about food chains and adaptations using the bird as their example.


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