Law Enforcement I Teacher Edition – Texas CTE Edition


Law Enforcement I is a 100 % TEKS aligned adopted program which provides an overview of the history, organization, and functions of local, state, and federal law enforcement.
Students learn the U.S. legal system, the role of constitutional law at local, state, and federal levels, criminal law and law enforcement terminology and the classification and elements of crime.

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ISBN: 978 1 84700 116 0 -TCJ State: Subject:

TPS Publishing Inc. has created the only adopted materials for CTE Law enforcement with 100% TEKS coverage. The program provides STEAM activities for high school students. It is inquiry based and will develop student critical thinking skills. For the majority of TEKs there is an activity involving individual, paired and group methods. The activities involve role play, essay writing, creation of information posters, and practice tests. The program has provided interesting scenarios for student study, and requires a high level of research, documentation and use of mathematics, English language, science, technology and arts. It is an innovative program, covering 100% of TEKS where students will achieve high success in their course work and examinations. TPS provide excellent professional development for all teachers, students and parents and run workshops to assist implementation and maintenance of the program.


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STEAM Program

> Texas CTE Criminal Justice (Proclamation 2017)


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High School, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12