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Interior and Northern Alaska Coloring Book


How did these creatures manage to survive the extremes of Alaska’s environment? How were the Alaskan dinosaurs different from their counterparts elsewhere in the world? How have present-day animals and plants adapted to the harsh winters?
Open up to Ron Smith’s world and learn that the answer is not just in what these creatures are – their size or color or type of skin covering – but also in what they do. Smith highlights the most interesting of Alaska’s residents – the towering grizzly as well as the petite pika, the ‘coat-changing’ ptarmigan and the ever-popular salmon – to reveal nature at its amazing best. This insatiably curious scientist asks questions we would never think of to discover the wonder of this wild land. Part of the TPS Alaska series. Look at How Not To Die Hunting, Interior and Northern Alaska coloring book, Undeserved Punishment and Spirit Of The Arctic CD and DVD. Lesson plans, using the Alaska suite of resources, appear in K-12 ELAR and Science programs, and can be found in Texas and National programs. Have students compare the landforms and animals and plants of their State to Alaska.

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These drawings were prepared by Mareca Guthrie as a part of Ron Smith’s book Interior and Northern Alaska: A Natural History. Each drawing shows something interesting about Alaska.
Before you start coloring, read about each picture. We tell you about the plant or animal and we often tell what colors you might want to use on the drawing. But, it is your coloring book and you can use any colors you like!


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