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TPS has created a suite of products for use within the classroom and at home for all grades. Some components focus specifically on testing years G3-G8. Each resource is planned and presented by standard and by domain. The products can be purchased in print in color or black and white and a teacher/parent book includes the relevant answers. Narratives explaining the key information, together with practice activities appear for each standard. Activities are varied and include visual, tactile activities, individual, paired, and collaborative verbal and written assessments. Homeschool parents or teachers can call the toll-free number and gain support throughout the school year. You will find Homework Help, specifically written for at home but which can commence in class and be completed at home, Mathematics Assessments, which house by standard, by skill level questions and answers, and Critical Thinking in Mathematics for Grades 3-8 which ensure students focus on the key content of each standard and apply knowledge to solve problems.

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Homework Help was created to assist all teachers/parents review the content of each standard in each domain for testing years Grades 3-8. For each grade a teacher and student book is available. The teacher book includes background information, key words, instructions for how to teach/reteach content for each standard, hands-on activities, and written and verbal assessments. A great tool to review the whole grade before any test, but also a wonderful tool for teachers/parents to use throughout the school year. The answers appear in the teacher/parent edition. A teacher or parent can call the TPS toll free number for support.


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