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Forensic Science is a TEKS aligned adopted program to introduce students to the application of science to connect a violation of law to a specific criminal, criminal act, or behavior and victim. Students will, using scientific methods, collect and analyze evidence such as bodily fluids, fingerprints, hairs, fibers, paint, glass, and cartridge cases and learn the terminology and procedures related to the search and examination of physical evidence in criminal cases as they are performed in a typical crime laboratory.

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This course have been constructed with the intent to enhance the learning and teaching within schools. Our text is structured to be user friendly for all teachers, irrespective of their background, and is simpler for students to follow than many alternative texts.

We have endeavored to keep our offering interesting to students, and teachers alike, by including real life cases (experienced by our forensic chemist author!) as well as a wide variety of activities and assignments, some of which include; role play, essay writing, use of the arts, as well as the more traditional practice tests.

Throughout the course vocabulary is a central focus. Literacy is included, as well as numerous other language learning techniques. This will assist all students, but in particular will help students who struggle with English language.

The course has been written by educators who care passionately about providing the opportunity to all students for post-secondary education, enabling quality applicants for all careers. We have developed innovative programs, so that students will be engaged and achieve high success in their course work and examinations. Students, just as the professionals in the field, are expected to develop testable hypotheses and create logical connections between the design of the experiment and the scientific concepts.

Each of our Teacher Editions are full of detail and instruction, along with section tests and unit exams.
The Student Editions consist of fun and informative investigations that enable continuous activities to aid learning and provide lots of practice of forensic investigation. In 2014 the TPS forensic program was the sole adopted course in Texas. The materials have now been greatly enhanced to enable students to prepare for a career in forensic science. The CTE forensic science program met 100% TEKS and is adopted.


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