Forensic Science Student Edition – CTE Edition


Forensic Science is a TEKS aligned adopted program to introduce students to the application of science to connect a violation of law to a specific criminal, criminal act, or behavior and victim. Students will, using scientific methods, collect and analyze evidence such as bodily fluids, fingerprints, hairs, fibers, paint, glass, and cartridge cases and learn the terminology and procedures related to the search and examination of physical evidence in criminal cases as they are performed in a typical crime laboratory.

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This TEKS aligned, adopted program, where scientific inquiry is at the heart of Forensic Science. In our Forensic Science program, students, just as the professionals in the field, develop testable hypotheses and create logical connections between the design of the activity and the underlying scientific concepts. Students carry out investigations, collect and analyze data, formulate explanations, revising their hypothesis if necessary, re-work their investigation, and draw conclusions.


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