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Food Chemistry Teacher Edition


These books will help students understand that all organisms need energy to live and grow. Different from plants, which manufacture their own food, animals must take in nutrients. Where those nutrients come from is the crux of these units.
The basic concept of taking in nutrients is, of course, true for all animals from the simplest one-celled organisms to humans. For our purposes, we will concentrate especially on humans, with special emphasis on making good food choices.
These topics are especially timely as society turns its attention more and more towards important health issues, including, but not limited to child obesity.

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TPS has created a STEAM project book for Nutrition. It can be used across grades and is easy to implement. It is available in different print formats but each includes the following available units plus introduction and glossary:
Unit 1 – Energy, It's Important!
Unit 2 – What Nutrients are in Food?
Unit 3 – What's in There?
Unit 4 – Energy and Nutrients
Unit 5 – Food Labels


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