Creative Science Curriculum STEM Project Guide – Grade Kindergarten Teacher Edition


The STEAM topical program provides by discipline STEAM projects based upon our belief that people learn best by doing.
Reading is doing; watching teachers present is doing; working in groups and being directed by teachers is doing. However, TPS believe the best way to start learning is where the student has to think outside the box and work in small collaborative groups;
the students use critical thinking to master new concepts. TPS has therefore provided a STEAM, project-based learning program, written from scratch, to exactly align to NGSS requirements, and each grade has Life, Physical and Earth Science books.
All learning starts in each area of science with a STEM project. TPS partner with CeMaST, Illinois State University, a leading STEM university. CeMaST professors have been developing this type of instructional material for over 25 years. Traditional teachers may have initial concerns about the transition from prior Science standards and delivery of a STEAM program. TPS provide personalized support and pacing together with personalized materials kits. TPS asks that you be open to new pedagogy.
This program is built as a topical program. It is STEAM program and thereby does encompass all strands of science, technology, engineering, arts and math within it. All content is aligned to NGSS, Common Core Math, ELA, Arts and Safety standards. Components include teacher and student by discipline textbooks containing STEM, Traditional, Arts and assessments by DCI/SEP/CCC. Online and printed assessments include science makers, arts projects, open ended and multiple by DCI/SEP/CCC written and verbal assessments, with rubrics. Please read about each component by visiting the description and additional information below.

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The Creative Science Curriculum with STEM, Literacy, and Art: Project Edition was developed to align to NGSS requirements and in K-5 there is a by grade book and for middle school, one STEM project guide exists for each of the disciplines; Life, Physical and Earth Science. Content has been created to provide a curriculum that would promote experientially based, hands-on learning for students. It gives teachers an alternative to traditional teaching approaches that primarily rely on teacher-directed strategies in which students are passive learners and that typically assess students' learning by how well they can recall specific facts or robotically demonstrate specific skills. The Creative Science Curriculum engages students in their learning and assesses attainment by evaluating how well they can apply the concepts and skills they develop to new situations.
The Creative Science Curriculum consists of a series of activities that address activities that address the Next Generation Science Standards. Each activity is carefully designed to allow students the opportunity to experience how the academic content is utilized to solve science, technology, and engineering (STEM) challenges.
Although this text is primarily focused on science content, it is often delivered in an engineering or technological (STEM) context incorporating mathematics. This curriculum places a strong emphasis on problem solving, uses the learning cycle approach to assure that students are actively engaged in the learning process and makes frequent use of student group work.


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