STEM, Arts, and Literacy Collaborative Projects for the Common Core Curriculum K-8

The Common Core State Standards were adopted by 41 States, the District of Columbia, the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA), and four territories. Processes used varied by area and each updates their academic standards review using a different process. TPS can update their Common Core Mathematics Program to align to your State’s standards.

TPS Publishing Inc. and partners have constructed the ‘Creative Mathematics Curriculum with STEM, Literacy and Arts’ program with the intent to enhance the Mathematics learning and teaching in schools in your state.

Through adhering to the Common Core Standards break outs for Mathematics, the program presents Mathematics as a way of thinking and learning, incorporating literacy skills necessary for academic success in acquiring Mathematics as an academic language.

The program has been built through a collaborative effort by several companies, each of which have expertise in Mathematics instructional design. They share a commitment to activity-based instruction. The diversity of writers and perspectives ensures that the material is inclusive.

We provide three key inquiry based component areas:

  • TPS Publishing Inc. – Traditional lesson plans using manipulatives, provided by Invicta Education, exactly aligned to each standard.
  • STEM project based learning cycles – Illinois State University provides wonderful activities, via learning cycles, especially useful as a visual assessment tool and for advanced learners covering a group of standards including all Mathematical Process Standards.
  • Crafting Projects – Aligned to each of the K-8 standards. TPS with Action Based Curriculum provides nasen approved projects which are a by standard visual assessment tools, and are inclusive but particularly useful for far below grade students, ELL and special education users.

Each set of lesson plans complement each other; together they cover the full criteria of your state requirements and offer a wonderful activity-based learning program with all writers basing content on grade specific literacy materials.

Our team utilize a ‘by standard, strand and or learning cycle structure’, which engages students in active interaction with the content. This approach is based on the concept that we all learn best by doing, rather than simply listening or watching.

Our Professional Learning Opportunities also utilize the “learning by doing” philosophy and methodology. Participants understand the “how” and the “why” of the pedagogy by experiencing and engaging in Mathematics.