Texas Proclamation 2024 - STEAM into Aquatic Science Northside ISD Review

Aquatic Science program is 100% aligned to TEKS and ELPS.


Please follow the URL for each program, and, when prompted, enter the username and password below.


Username – P24NORTHSIDEAQUA and Password – p24northsideaqua

Note: These are case sensitive.

Accept terms and you will be presented with the main menu.

The main menu has several sub-menu options to choose from. Select the sub-menu you wish to view, and you will then see all associated resources.
Select the resource you wish to view, and it will open. The vast majority are book resources and will open like a book with the option to turn pages, navigate using the contents, expanding view etc.
 Other resources are web-based videos, assessment, songs etc, and will all open and, where needed, provide suitable directions.

SCHOOLOGY INTERFACE – TPS Aquatic Science digital program interfaces with Schoology to provide full access to Teachers, Students and Caregivers.

To see how to administer access to the TPS Aquatic Science Digital Menu via Schoology                                                                  See this short movie and for written directions click here

To assist in reviewing and navigating our Aquatics digital program, use the links below

To see our full Aquatic Science Presentation – Click here

To see notes associated with the Aquatic Science Presentation – Click here

To find ‘How to Navigate the Online Menu’ – Click here

To find ‘How to use the TPS Assessment Generator Tool’ – Click here

To find ‘How to use the TPS Interactive Assessment Software Tool’ – Click here


Key Information

TPS Publishing Inc. (TPS) offers STEAM programs to provide inclusive, TEKS and ELPS aligned content. TPS stands for teachers, parents, students.

Our Commitment and Belief: Students Learn Best By Doing – TPS IS A STEAM PROVIDER. 

Core Components:

  • Aquatic Science Textbook for Teacher and Student
  • STEAM Arts Guide for Teacher and Student
  • Student ‘write in’ Journal
  • Teacher and Caregiver High School Guides
  • Assessment Tools: Assessment Generator and Interactive Software Tool
  • Online Libraries*
  • Learn By Doing K-8 reteach.

*Available when purchasing all formats other than print only

TPS provide personalized materials kits if required.

Program Guides:

For full information on our programs, you can view our teacher and parent guides.

Professional Development

TPS teacher writers offer ongoing support throughout the school year at no cost.

TPS also partner with the professors at CeMaST, Illinois State University. Bespoke training can be purchased.

For more information and a personalized access key to your choice of programs contact: