Texas Proclamation 2024 – STEAM into Forensic Science – CTE Edition – Dallas ISD Review

Texas Proclamation 2024 

STEAM into Forensic Science – CTE Edition

All TPS programs are 100% aligned to TEKS and ELPS for:

Please follow the URL for each program, and, when prompted, enter the username and password below.


Username – P24DALLASFOR

Password – p24dallasfor

Note: These are case sensitive.

The main menu has several sub-menu options to choose from. Select the sub-menu you wish to view, and you will then see all associated resources.

Select the resource you wish to view, and it will open. The vast majority are book resources and will open like a book with the option to turn pages, navigate using the contents, expanding view etc.

Other resources are web-based videos, assessment, songs etc, and will all open and, where needed, provide suitable directions.

The following links may be of use to navigate and use this system.

How to Navigate the Online Menu Based on Proclamation 2024- https://tpspublishing.com/Videos/NavVid/P24/eh5v.html

Proclamation 24 – How to use the TPS Assessment Generator Tool – https://tpspublishing.com/Videos/NavVid/AG.html

Proclamation 24 – How to use the TPS Interactive Assessment Software Tool – https://tpspublishing.com/Videos/NavVid/IntAss.html

Here are presentations to read details about the programs.

https://tpspublishing.com/Videos/P24/P24FOR.html – Generic Forensics

https://tpspublishing.com/Videos/P24/P24ONL.html – Generic online navigation