Personalized Materials Kits

for Districts, Schools or Homeschool Parents.

TPS stands for teachers, parents, students.

We provide high quality educational programs, written from scratch, aligned to several U.S.A. State and, National curricula.

We have created programs for PreKindergarten, Common Core Mathematics, State aligned Mathematics, Next Generation Science Standards, and CTE Criminal Justice, among others.

TPS provide personalized kits to suit your needs for all our STEAM programs.

We also provide a service to customers where we can supply for kits for ANY supplier’s programs



Are you tired of ordering kits with contents you do not need?

Then why not order your programs, individual projects and matching kits from TPS?

TPS Publishing Inc. can offer complete kits for our NGSS, Math and Forensic Science programs, or for just one project to suit your needs.

Each kit includes most materials needed to complete projects and only excludes certain items TPS believe are common to schools or home; items which TPS are prohibited to ship or items that are too large to pack and are not commercially viable.

For example, large pieces of cardboard or empty soda bottles.



TPS Publishing can provide bespoke kits made just for you. We can amend the size of kit to suit your student/ child numbers.

TPS can also price kits for your needs for other supplier programs.

You send us the list of what you need, and the volume and we provide a personalized quotation.

TPS can add or remove items for kits as you wish and customise quantities of kits for any class size you need.  In year 2 this service is offered for replenishment.



TPS provides kits for one child or up to five children so you no longer have to buy a class set or spend your valuable time purchasing materials.

For TPS programs, the materials include:

A. Materials for making TPS STEAM program content

TPS provide a list of materials required for the program content you have chosen, and you insert the number required; TPS send a personalized quote. TPS provide kits, by grade, for TPS programs, Math, Science and ELAR. For example, Grade 3 STEM Math Project Kit or CTE Forensic Science kit You can order for 1 child, x 10 or 30, or any number; TPS will personalize your quote. TPS mark the items you did not want or TPS do not provide due to mailing restrictions, and you receive the goods with a packing list as shown in the sample.

B. Materials from Action Based Curriculum, our chosen crafting supplier

TPS supply crafting materials including: 1. Educational paper craft packs 2. TPS program kits by grade to meet the needs of each TPS program. For example, Texas Prekindergarten Live and Learn Crafting kit

C. Materials from Didax, our chosen math manipulative supplier.

For each math program, TPS recommend use of the Didax by grade manipulative kits. Click here for more information:





Materials from Ellison Inc. our chosen die-cutting equipment supplier - TPS use the Ellison Inc. die cutting equipment for many arts projects across programs and grades

D. Materials from Really Good Stuff, our chosen literacy games supplier

TPS partner wither Really Good Stuff to ensure students focus on literacy skills. Please see their wonderful by grade band kits.

Materials from TEAM UP, our chosen math practice board game supplier. This wonderful game can be used in centers for grades from Grade 3-8.

Please note that there are some items that TPS cannot ship due to mailing restrictions but we aim to quote for all and any materials our customers need and at affordable prices.

If you are interested in purchasing a kit for one of our programs, please contact

KIT-LLAC001Age appropriate handwriting paper - 135
KIT-LLAC002Aluminum Foil - 1
KIT-LLAC003Balsa wood - 15
KIT-LLAC004Barbeque skewers - 100
KIT-LLAC005Beads - 300
KIT-LLAC006Board - Thick - 5
KIT-LLAC007Brace Bands - 5
KIT-LLAC008Buttons - 150
KIT-LLAC009Card - 24 x 12 inch - 120
KIT-LLAC010Card - Assorted - 2380
KIT-LLAC011Cardboard - 75
KIT-LLAC012Cardboard Tube - 555
KIT-LLAC013Clipboard - 5
KIT-LLAC014Cloth - White - 5
KIT-LLAC015Cotton Wool - 15
KIT-LLAC016Craft Stick - 60
KIT-LLAC017Craft Sticker - 90
KIT-LLAC018Crepe Paper - 15
KIT-LLAC019Fabric - 21
KIT-LLAC020Felt - 105
KIT-LLAC021Foam - Sheet - 15
KIT-LLAC022Glitter - 6
KIT-LLAC023Index Cards - 30
KIT-LLAC024Labels - 15
KIT-LLAC025Laminator pouches  - 15
KIT-LLAC026Measuring Tape - 15
KIT-LLAC027Modelling Clay - 45
KIT-LLAC028Paint Brush - 15
KIT-LLAC029Paint Palette - 15
KIT-LLAC030Paper - 1695
KIT-LLAC031Paper - Colored - 330
KIT-LLAC032Paper - Construction - 75
KIT-LLAC033Paper - Craft - 420
KIT-LLAC034Paper - Poster - 60
KIT-LLAC035Paper - Tissue - 15
KIT-LLAC036Patterned paper - 165
KIT-LLAC037Pipe Cleaner - 360
KIT-LLAC038Plate - Paper - 45
KIT-LLAC039Pom Poms - Craft - 15
KIT-LLAC040Ribbon - Roll - 18
KIT-LLAC041Rubber Band - 120
KIT-LLAC042Sandpaper - 15
KIT-LLAC043Scales - 1
KIT-LLAC044Scarves - Colored - 10
KIT-LLAC045Split Pin - 1050
KIT-LLAC046Sticky Back Foam - 60
KIT-LLAC047Sticky tack - 1
KIT-LLAC048Straw - 60
KIT-LLAC049Straw - Bendy - 15
KIT-LLAC050String - 16
KIT-LLAC051Tape - 1
KIT-LLAC052Tape - Masking - 1
KIT-LLAC053Toy Animals - 1
KIT-LLAC054TPS Stickers Set - 16
KIT-LLAC055Wool - 7
All About Me (8 x 8)
Birthday (8 x 8)
Back to School (12 x 12)
Ancient Egypt (12 x 12)
Family Tree (12 x 12)
Careers (12 x 12)
Friends (8 x 8)
I Love My Pet (8 x 8) 
Communication (12 x 12) 
Down on the Farm (12 x 12) 
My Planet (12 x 12) 
Sports (12 x 12) 
My Vacation (8 x 8) 
Ecosystems (12 x 12) 
Knight in Shining Armor (12 x 12) 
Music (12 x 12) 
My Journey (12 x 12) 
Pretty as a Princess (12 x 12) 
School Days (12 x 12) 
Solar System (12 x 12) 
Transportation (12 x 12) 
Wheels in Motion (12 x 12) 
My Home (12 x 12) 
Sleepover (8 x 8) 
Paper Craft Pad 
CTE Forensics Kit Quantity
one 1.5” x 1.0” piece of aluminum foil 1 roll
Tape*Tape, transparent7 rolls
screwdriver 1
Scissors 7
2" wide tapemasking tape1 roll
Rubber tape 1 roll
Permanent markers. 7
Three (3) spot plates 21
Magnet 7
BeakerBeaker, 150 ml, plastic21
spanner 1
Hand lens/magnifying glass 14
large reclosable plastic bag 1 per groupBags, zip, gallon7
Tweezers (disposable). 7
Camel hair brush 7
A trowel with a pointed head to dig with care 3
glass jars and lidsmason jar7
Tent pegs 7
Fiberglass brush 7
Tracing paperTracing paper30
One (1) piece of filter paperFilter paper, coffee8
Digital scale 1
one 1.5” x 1.0” piece of black plastic garbage bagBag, black trash, large1
Six (6) microscope slides 72
Blood alcohol concentration kit 7
Protractor 7
Tamper-evident boxes or padded envelopes 7
Paper bagsBags, paper grocery7
Biohazard Plastic Trash Bag 7
glue 2
Large sheets of paper24x24 inch7
One small index card 14
Eight (8) toothpicks 56
Laser 7
2 small plastic bags per groupBags, zip snack14
CandleCandle, tea7
Protective glovesGloves, disposable51 pairs
One wooden coffee stirrerCoffee stirrers50
Small inexpensive picture frame with glass (4 in x 6 in) 7
Five strips of chromatography paperChromatography papers, 4”x
Three pipe cleaners 21
Six (6) cover slipsMicroscope cover slips72
One piece of dental wax or Styrofoam (2” x 2”)florist foam7
Calculator (small watch battery) 7
red paint 4oz
Clear nail polishNail polish, clear1 bottle
Safety goggles 30
Drawing and coloring materials*Colored pencil sets
10 packs of 12 per kit
Scientific Method  
Metric ruler 7
Mirror2x3 inch7
Spring scale 7
Collecting net 7
Notebook 7
Stopwatch 7
Fire blanket 1
Cotton budscotton balls100
Scientific Reasoning  
two pieces of chewing gum (same brand and flavor) 20
Career; History and Ethics  
Procedure for Evidence Collection  
book of matches 1
fabric swatches 7
small metal container (for a mint/lozenge) 7
Evidence tags. 28
Graph paper 50
Trace Evidence  
Hammer (6 inch handle hammer) 1
Dropper bottle of water (water not included) 7
China markerMarkers, China (grease
Fabric Swatches: cotton, nylon, polyester, rayon, silk,
acrylic and wool.
 1 each
Impression Evidence  
One ink pad 7
one identification card 1
one approximately 5 inch piece of transparent plastic
mailing tape
brown packing tape1 roll
one 1.5” x 1.0” piece of black paperBlack paper1
black powder 1
silver powder 1
Magnetic wand brush 7
Bloodstain Pattern  
Tile 7
Controlled Substances  
One (1) funnelFunnel, small7
Tools and Bullet Impressions  
Airdrying modeling clayModeling clay1
labels 28
Questioned Documents  
Play money 7 pieces
Time of Death  
Celsius thermometer 7
Sieve 3
Grade 3 Math Packing ListQuantity
Ski Math
9 oz paper cups16
Pipe cleaners100
Unsharpened pencils16
Heavy string70 ft
Foam core board (cut into 12 cm squares)16
Glue sticks4
Masking tape1
Duct tape1
Antique Calculator
Heavy string240 ft
Scissorsnot included
Markersnot included
Staplernot included
Staplesnot included
Tetrahedron Kites
Non flex color straw180
Kite string1
Assorted color tissue paper15
Transparent tape4
Bottles of glue2
Geometric Design
Isometric grid paper30
Geo shape template pg 11815
Geo shape template pg 11915
Geo shape template pg 12015