live & learn

Prekindergarten Program

Recommended for adoption with 100% TPG alignment

Live and Learn is an exciting new STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) program recommended for State adoption with 100% TPG coverage.
The program allows children to learn by doing with exploration during play. It has been designed by teachers to be user friendly. It is a STEAM based program providing traditional, STEM and arts content, fully aligned to the TPG. Opportunities for assessment include the Ten Point Reviews, designed to assess through play and imagination, online access to an assessment generator, and access to the interactive assessment tool. Personalized materials kits are also available.
The program provides an abundance of resources to excite and stretch students of all abilities and backgrounds to their full potential. These include Brainsprouts and Little League bundles, providing exciting, and stimulating, child and adult initiated experiences, focusing on gross and fine motor skills.

TPS partner with a number of companies, providing a rich and varied experience for students. These include Archway, providing phonics, Didax, providing math and phonics materials, Spirit of the Arctic, providing a DVD and CD experience of the wild Arctic, and The Animated Hero Classics, a series of animated cartoons about key historical figures.

Core components include:
Teacher Edition – providing TPG aligned lesson plans by domain
TRAM – including reader books, activities and a blackline master
Student Journals 1 and 2 – student materials including reader activities and leveled text with multiple levels of complexity.

STEAM has been proven to provide excellent learning experiences for children, and ensures that children reach their full potential through a varied, challenging, and fully integrated program. Children engage in fun learning through play, and complete a variety of projects.
When making your program choice, STEAM Makes Sense! “Building in opportunities in STEM classes to develop and use the principles, skills and ingenuity of the arts can “serve as an on-ramp for STEM success for underrepresented students. Engaging students’ strengths using art activities increases motivation and the probability of STEM success,” by “offering more diverse learning opportunities and greater access to STEM for all types of learners” (Jolly 2014).

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