Creative Core Curriculum for Mathematics with Literacy and STEM, K-8

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Welcome to the Creative Core Curriculum for Mathematics with Literacy and STEM K-8; first built and submitted and adopted by the California Board of Education. The content was updated and is available for FL, NC, SC, GA, and AK States. The program has been written by teachers for other educators and ALL students to provide innovative coverage of the Core Curriculum standards.

TPS Publishing Inc is an adopted supplier for Mathematics and has partnered with Illinois State University, Ellison Inc., and Action Based Curriculum to ensure we provide inquiry based materials and excellent professional development.

Illinois State University
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Action Based Curriculum
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Each grade has key components built in the same way to use a stepping stone approach through Elementary grades. In a new version, TPS has combined STEAM projects and created a combined textbook to offer nationally and partnered with TEAM UP to create a G3-8 review board game.