What is different about our program?

  1. Our partnering companies have built the program from scratch so there is no erroneous data. Currently we have a program for Georgia, Louisiana, Florida and California. If you are a State who has opted for Core curriculum without amendments we immediately have a program ready for you. If you are a State who has made amendments, we can write to those amendments and very efficiently provide you with the additional materials to add to the base Core curriculum offering.
  2. The professional development and STEM content is par excellence. See the partner page on our website for information and link to this great team of educators. If you want teachers to use STEM materials this is a great way to provide them with the required skills. Dr. William Hunter, and Dr. Brad Christensen have been working with STEM for two decades, way before the current buzz. Your teachers will be in very good hands and quickly learn how to acquire, develop and deliver STEM content to students.
  3. Crafting is now used by many publishers. Materials for students struggling with the English language or who face learning challenges are difficult to find, especially of high quality at affordable prices. Our thematic family approach not only covers the worrying social issues, but builds a community spirit and students learn how they fit into this world at the same time as learning that math is everywhere. The children who have advanced skills love the communication and craft element and those with lower skills are enabled to perform alongside the advance students. The die cutting brings equality to all students.
  4. Literacy with numeracy is our strategy and throughout the program we interweave the two core skills required by us all. We add science from the start in a fun and exciting way so that students love the three core subjects as they move through the grades. You can see the science ranges on our website. "Science is a Verb, let's do it" is the motto of our science editor.
  5. Critical thinking in math and science is key and we have provided inquiry based materials for every strand.
  6. We offer all of our materials in a digital format at a far lower price than printed and this can be by school or by district. Should you buy printed materials the program takes up low space.
  7. All materials are very affordable.

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