TPS Nursery programs

We all know that our children develop at different speeds and learn in different ways. TPS has created a STEAM program for babies through to TK with the intent of ensuring that children entering TK can already count to 30 and know their letters in addition to being self assured and happy. The three key areas of the program are:

  1. Nursery
  2. Little League
  3. Brainsprouts

Once children have completed these three areas they are prepared for TK and during TK will deepen understanding of content for Mathematics, English Language and Science. Find out more about our TK program

TPS has created STEAM programs to ensure that students maximise potential. Rather than adhering to traditional learning TPS provides innovative activities which use visual and tactile learning, underpinned with a strategy of delivering numeracy with literacy.

TPS provide information for setting up a nursery, training for teachers in nursery schools, and or to parents via webinars. TPS support your choices and your children.

TPS would love to hear from you.

If you have interest in the education of 0-5 yr old children please contact us by email at

TPS can provide a 30 day digital link to allow you to inspect content.